A performance by Soren Evinson and Charlie Hope

Phones are always active. We may think they rest when in our pockets or handbags, but they are taking and giving data restlessly. The waves of data travel constantly from place to place. In fact, phones are partying with our data all year long.

In an initial moment, we have taken stimulus from this digital phenomenon and made a 20 minute piece which literally unveils pervasive phone activity. But in an interest to both fictionalize and still carry the ‘real’ facts to the front of our work, we are in an ongoing process of delving into notions of sci-fi, dystopia and cybernetics. The result so far is a performance that reverses and transfigures notions of intimacy and privacy doing what sci-fi best does: “slightly exaggerating our present times” (Michelle Houllebecq), from the starting point of an operations table full of audience’s phones.

The performance is an ongoing intrusion on post-internet identity. We envision an eventual full-length performance through many stages and for a certain amount of time.