825mg and where are the neighbors now that the walls are so thin

2012 Anti-Participatory Solo exclusion Performance.
With audience setups and furniture shifting.
Text deconstruct.
40 min only

You and you
You, you and you
You and you
You and him
Him and him
Her and her
Her and him
Everyone except you two
You two, him no
You yes
You two and him, you no
You yes, those too
You no
You yes
And you

Sitting on the chair in front to the right of the audience. He addresses the wall.

You and me
You three and me
You and us yes
Them and you but not us
Us with them
Me with them but you no
Everyone but you no
You and her against him
You and I against you
Us against you
You against me
All of us against her
Her and me and you but you no
You no – he starts to address people. Progressively he starts to combine people with wall.
You no
You no
You yes
You and me yes
You no
You against her but against her no
You against me but against him no
You against him
Us yes except you
You no
You against him
You against him
You against her
Her against everyone
Him by himself against us
All of you against me
You against us
All of us together and you by yourself
Only you and us
All of us
All of us together

Tu y tu
Tu y tu
Tu, tu y ella
Vosotras y tu
Todos vosotros y ellos dos
ellas dos y tu
Tú y él
Solo élla
Todos menos ellas dos
Ellas dos pero ella no
Tu si
Ellos dos y él pero tu no
Vosotros si pero ellos no
Vosotros si, ellos también pero tu no
Y tu no
Pero tu si
Y tu
Tu y yo
Vosotros tres y yo
Ellos dos y yo
Vosotros y nosotros si
Ellos y vosotros pero nosotros no
Nosotros con ellos
Yo con ellos y vosotros no
Todos pero tu no
Tu con el
Tu y ella contra el
Tu y yo contra ti
Nosotros contra vosotros
Tu contra mi
Todos nosotros contra ella
Ella y yo y tu pero tu no
Tu no
Tu no
Tu no
Tu si
tu y yo si
tu no
Tu contra ella pero ella contra tí no
Ella y yo
Ellas tres y yo
Yo contra las cinco de aquí
Menos ella
Ella no
Tu y tu si
Tu y tu fuera
Solo tu y tu
Tu fuera
Todos contra ti
Nosotros si
Nosotros si menos tu
Tu no
Tu contra el
Tu contra el
Tu contra ella
Ella contra todas
Él solo contra todas
Ella y él contra nosotros
Todos vosotros contra mí
Vosotros contra nosotros
Todos nosotros juntos y tú sola
Solo tu y nosotros
Todos nosotros

Written and performed by Soren Evinson
Lights: Yukiko Kato