Homage to The Idiot stages a real friendship between Bernat and Soren, a mentally and physically disabled performer and one who is apparently ‘normal’.

Homage to the Idiot tries to establish the idea of the ultimate friendship. A friendship defined from within the friendship. A friendship that will be autonomous, indecipherable and insubordinate, and as such, that it will be rooted in the will to self-organize.

Building on the idea of conscious idiotism as a mode of self-determination in front of the constraining powers of ‘correct’ behaviour, Homage to the Idiot aims to erase any trace of commodification of our everyday lives.

Parallel to this and pulling from Blanchot’s vision on friendship, Homage to the idiot sets itself to establish that friendship is built neither from the similarities nor from any idea of commonality, but from that which is different. Friendship is not forged out of words it solidifies in the silence.

Written and directed by Soren Evinson
Performed by Bernat de Gispert and Soren Evinson
Dramaturgic advisors: Pablo Gisbert and Florine Lindner
Light and sound: Florine Lindner
Produced by Liminal Gr., Antic Teatre Barcelona, Kulturfabrik Luxembourg and Independent Little Lies